Beautiful Nature


Ryuzugataki and Yaedaki Falls (Kakeya Town)

Ryuzugataki Falls is known as the best waterfall in the Chugoku region. The breath-taking landscape created by the 40-metre fall was chosen as a filming location for the Japanese epic film ‘Tatara Samurai’. Yaedaki Falls has eight waterfalls close to each other along a 1.5 km walking path. Near the waterfalls, one can still see the Yaedaki iron-making site, where the Tanabe family used to operate the Tatara ironworks.

Yoshida Green Shower Forest

The Yoshida Green Shower Forest is located on a hillside of Mt. Tochi, which used to be a source of iron sand, and provides panoramic views of the Chugoku Mountains ahead. Cottages and BBQ sites are available for visitors exploring sites connected to the history of Tatara.


Okuizumo Orochi Trolley Train (JR Kisuki Line)

Okuizumo Orochi trolley train is a sightseeing vehicle offering a journey through the fresh greenery of spring and the coloured foliage of autumn. It runs along the Hii River between Kisuki station in Shimane prefecture and Bingo Ochiai station in Hiroshima prefecture.

*Some of the train services extend to Izumo station beyond Kisuki station.