Grilled Mackerel

Grilled skewered mackerel is one of the specialties in Unnan City. ’Yakisaba-zushi’, a type of Sushi mixed with grilled mackerel flakes, is a traditional local meal.
レストランむらげ 出雲そば

Izumo Soba

Izumo Soba, Izumo style buckwheat noodles, are made from buckwheat flour milled without removing the bran, making them dark in colour and rich in aroma. You can try the noodles cooked with 100% locally harvested buckwheat flour at the restaurant Muraghe located inside the Roadside Station Tataraba Ichibanchi in Yoshida Town.


Poultry farming has long been one of the major industries of Unnan City. Local restaurants support and showcase the industry by creating various line-ups of egg meals such as ’Omuraisu’, which is an omelette served on fried rice.

Other Japanese Cuisine

Many other restaurants can be found offering various gourmet dishes or cuisines using fresh, local ingredients produced around the city.