Seiranso (Yoshida Town)

Located on the bank of Hii River, Seiranso offers accommodation with natural hot spring spas in a mountainous location. The spa is known as the medicinal hot spring of Izumo Yumura Onsen, and it allows you to fully enjoy the seasonal scenery of the surrounding landscape from indoor or outdoor baths. [Private bath in family size is available]

清嵐荘 露天風呂

TERA-CE HOUSE (Yoshida Town)

TERA-CE HOUSE is a cottage refurbished from an architect’s atelier. It is at a walking distance from the Historical Museum of Iron and central Yoshida Town.


Amanokan (Kisuki Town)

Amanokan is a long-established Ryokan, or traditional Japanese style hotel, founded in 1891. It is located close to the riverside walk of the Hii River, which is lined with cherry trees. It has been nominated as one of ‘the top hundred best locations in Japan to enjoy cherry blossoms’ and is the perfect place to enjoy their beauty. It also offers a traditional Japanese style tea room with a beautiful small garden where you can enjoy meals or Maccha tea. [Advance reservation is required/Maccha tea served at extra charge]


Ushiosou (Daito Town)

Ushiosou is located within the well-known natural hot spring Ushio Onsen, which has been upwelling for over 1,300 years. Enjoy a traditional style full-course meal cooked with local ingredients in a beautiful Japanese style garden. [Private family size bath is available]


Natural Hot Spring